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Asian Cup LIVE: Australia’s campaign against India gets underway AUS 2-0 Lead

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He was caught in a clash with Irvine and Jhingan, whose head is still taped up after that first-half collision with Rowles. Sandhu is being seen to.

It's halftime! India 0 Australia

A small youngster wearing a cork hat is observing the crowd and appears bored. To get the corks to swing in front of his face, he is blowing air. Come on Socceroos, score another to assist that unfortunate child who is amusing himself with a cork hat.

It’s halftime! India 0 Australia

With 14 shots to 3, with two on target, the Socceroos hold the upper hand. 28 percent in possession compared to 72 percent. One corner to twelve. Tell me a tale from that half that doesn’t revolve around India’s strong defense and half-chance opportunities. The manager of India, Stimac, will be overjoyed with this first half. His side was always conscientious. How is Arnold going to respond? Are there already plans to replace?

After finishing a Jackson Irvine post that involved some good moves, I raced forward to try to get a through ball from Goodwin, but Sandhu, who sprinted off his line to claim, ended up being the winner. For More Updates

However, a moment later, Australia’s first goal is scored as another effort enters the area and finds Irvine, who is poised to chest the ball down and slice it through the space.

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