Sunday, February 5, 2023

Around 70% of iPhones are now running the iOS 16 model

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When it comes to distributing the most recent iOS versions to all of its eligible models, Apple is without a doubt in the lead. And this trend is still present today, with the company having control over almost 70% of iPhones running the most recent iOS 16 version. The selling and increased demand for the new iPhone 14 and 14 Professional models are likely to blame for the high adoption rate. Follow For More Updates at

Additionally, because Apple’s iOS support has a longer timeframe, even an iPhone that is three or four years old will be able to run iOS 16 this year. Just three months after its public rollout, according to the Mixpanel survey cited by 9to5Mac, iOS 16 is already 68.95 percent adopted on iPhones.

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The strategy of the most recent iOS version has completely changed, as Apple now includes new features in almost every update. The majority of users trust iOS updates that not only fix issues but also introduce new features.

For instance, the iPhone 14 series now has the ability to customise the lock screen thanks to iOS 16.1. Along with new features, the future iOS 16.2 version may support 5G networks in India for all iPhone models starting with the 12 series.

Apple vs. Google: Winner Is Clear

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It was exhausting to ignore the obvious comparison between where Android and iOS are currently positioned in the market with their most recent iterations. Android 13 was released in October as well, although Google’s acceptance rate is yet unknown.

Having said that, the one-year-old Android 12 version was available on more than 13% of devices, demonstrating the differences between how Google and Apple have handled their mobile systems. For the latest news, follow us on Google News

To be honest, Apple’s complete control over iOS aids in the quicker roll-out, whereas Android’s fragmented strategy slows down the release of Android devices from companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and others.

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