Sunday, January 29, 2023

Apple was fined over Rs 70 crore for failing to obtain iPhone users’ consent for personalised ads

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The French regulator fined Apple EUR 8 million (over Rs 70 crore) for violating France’s data protection rules with its targeted app store advertisements. According to France’s National Commission for Informatics and Liberty (CNIL), Apple did not obtain iPhone users’ consent before using identifiers to display targeted advertisements in the iOS 14.6 update. Follow For More Updates at

What is the reason for Apple’s 8 million Euro fine?

According to CNIL, the tech giant was gathering data and using it for advertisements by default, and the necessary parameters were pre-checked in Settings, according to a MacRumors report. Users had to perform a “large number of actions” in the Privacy tab of the Settings app to disable advertising. As a result of CNIL’s determination that Apple violated Article 82 of the Data Protection Act, the fine was imposed on Apple.

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The fine is the result of an investigation launched by CNIL in 2021 after the France Digitale association filed a complaint. According to France Digitale, a lobbying group for startups and venture capital firms, the iOS 14 update did not adequately protect personal data in Europe. Apple has since changed how targeted ads work and how people can opt in or out of them.

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What did Apple have to say?

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According to Financial Times’ Patrick McGee, the tech titan is disappointed with this decision. Apple said it would appeal the decision because CNIL previously admitted that how search ads are served in the App Store prioritises user privacy.

In October of last year, Apple was fined $20 million (roughly Rs 164 crore) in Brazil for removing the charging brick from the Apple iPhone box. The judge described it as a “abusive practise” that forces users to purchase an additional item while fining. It was also fined a total of 10 million Euros (over Rs 87 crore) by the Italian government for previously slowing down phones.

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