Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Anjali Arora Video Goes viral on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and youtube

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Anjali Arora Video Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, and the viral Anjali Arora and Nikhil Sharma video has gained a lot of fame after she took over the internet by dancing to the song Kacha Badam. As a result, a lot of individuals are also enjoying his video reels. However, this time an video rather than a dancing video is what brought her into the conversation. On social internet, a 12-minute video is going fairly viral. More updates can be found at satiknews.com.

Anjali Arora Video

People are alleging that Anjali is the girl in this viral video after watching it. Since the video was leaked, She has not responded to this. On platforms like Messenger and others, this video is going viral more and more frequently.

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However, nobody has been able to definitively state that the girl in this video is Anjali Arora up to this point. Although she is not this girl, several people claim that she resembles her.

Video of Anjali Arora Leaked on Twitter

Let us inform you that she was the second runner-up on Kangana’s show Lock Up and has 11.5 million Instagram followers. Every day, Anjali posts images and videos on social media. Anjali was also involved in numerous conversations concerning her lover at one point.

Anjali Arora MMS Video Goes viral on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and youtube, Anjali Arora and Nikhil Sharma viral Video

Anjali Arora – Nikhil Sharma

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Anjali Arora’s family has lived in New Delhi for a very long time, even though he is mostly from Punjab. She is a social media influencer and has a big following on TikTok and Instagram. Under the user name anjimaxu, Anjali Arora Video has 3.5 million followers and 104.4 million likes on TikTok. 190,000 people follow on Instagram as anjimaxuofficially.

She made a name for herself as a well-known influencer and debuted in the modeling and acting industries with her debut music video, “Supna.” She has since appeared in several other music videos, including “Temporary Pyar,” “Tere Bargi,” “Aashiq Purana,” “Paune 12,” and others.

The actress became well-known after her viral lip-syncing video for the song “Kacha Baadam” surfaced online.

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