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Why Ignored Chef Salt Bae After Winning the FIFA World Cup by Lionel Messi? Online video goes viral!

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The FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar came to a successful conclusion as Lionel Messi and the Argentine squad won the championship. After losing to Saudi Arabia and temporarily losing their charm, the team returned to form and advanced to the finals. While it’s true that the squad generated headlines by capturing the hearts of the public. Follow For More Updates at

Messi also succeeded in doing so via the skill and charm of his game. Messi ignoring the Dubai chef Salt Bae, who caused an unwelcome distraction during the Argentinian team’s celebrations, was one incident that garnered millions of views online and was unplanned as well.

Why Ignored Chef Salt Bae After Winning the FIFA World Cup by Lionel Messi?

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Although it can be mentioned that the finals were exciting and that many people loved them as well, one thing that must not be forgotten is that the entire FIFA was full of numerous unanticipated events while the viewers who came to watch the match appreciated the Qatari traditions. While Messi and his squad won the finals and many people’s hearts as well, one moment that caught the attention of many people is the Messi and Salt Bae moment

Which has received millions of views. Yes, this event was caught on camera, and once their game finished well, fans recorded the footage and the moment, making it the subject of an internet joke.

After winning the FIFA World Cup, Lionel Messi ignores Chef Salt Bae in a video

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The chef Salt Bae, who has millions of followers on his page, was aggravating the players in the less than one-minute video, and Messi, who was having fun with his team and their families as well, became irritated. People made fun of the chef for putting his or her own food on the table and attempting to draw viewers’ attention. In any case, the video was cut, and Messi’s expression drew a lot of comments online.

While Messi was enjoying himself, it was observed that the chef was attempting to catch his attention. Messi did not respond when the chef called him two or three times, and he appeared to be upset.

After winning the FIFA World Cup, Lionel Messi ignores Chef Salt Bae in a video

Many people laughed at Salt Bae while this video was being shared online, and many others were offended as well. One netizen claimed that Salt Bae was yelling at Messi to turn around while he was angry, and another questioned online who had given the chef permission to sit on the ground while the players were celebrating. While this was going on, Chef Salt Bae, also known online as nusr et, posted a photo of himself and Messi holding hands while posing for the camera. In the series, Salt Bae shared numerous photos in which he could be seen holding and touching the trophy. For the latest news, follow us on Google News

The chef was spotted on the field with several other athletes who were having fun and celebrating. Salt Bae was spotted clutching the trophy and the media while also chewing one of the players’ medals with his teeth and holding it in between. Numerous sources speculate that he may not have had authorization to do so because FIFA officials only permit players, their families, and team officials to touch the trophy in their hands. As opposed to this, Salt Bae received ridicule for disturbing Messi and his crew and violating their privacy.

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