Sunday, January 29, 2023

Adam Rich, former ‘Eight Is Enough’ child star, has died at the age of 54

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Adam Rich made his television debut in a 1976 episode of “The Six Million Dollar Man” before landing his breakout role as the Bradford family’s youngest child on “Eight Is Enough,” which aired from 1977 to 1981. Adam Rich became one of the era’s biggest child stars as a result of the popular series. In the 1980s, he portrayed Danny Blake in “Code Red” and voiced Presto the Magician in “Dungeons & Dragons,” as well as appearing in episodes of “CHiPs,” “Fantasy Island,” “Baywatch,” and other shows. Latest Updates

In his twenties, Rich struggled with depression and was repeatedly involved in legal issues involving drugs and alcohol. He sought treatment at Rancho Mirage’s Betty Ford Center and later became sober.

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Adam Rich allowed San Francisco’s now-defunct Might magazine to publish a fabricated story about his murder in the 1990s in a divisive attempt to shine a light on society’s obsession with celebrity deaths.

He was kind, generous, and fought mental illness. Adam didn’t have an ego. He was selfless and always looked out for the people he cared about. This is why many people who grew up with him mourn the loss of a part of their childhood. He was truly America’s Little Brother.

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“I adored him and loved working with him on the show in our scenes together,” Buckley wrote. “He was so sweet, funny, young, and genuine. He made everyone on the show, as well as our viewers, very happy.

Adam and I have remained friends throughout the years. His love and encouragement have always meant a great deal to me. I was astounded to learn of his death this morning. My deepest sympathies go out to his friends and family. In recent years, Adam has dedicated himself to being an inspiration to others suffering from mental and emotional illnesses.

Adam Rich was also recognised on social media by actor and filmmaker Jay Duplass, author Steven Rowley, comedian-actor John Fugelsang, “Diff’rent Strokes” actor Todd Bridges, and “Too Close for Comfort” actor Lydia Cornell.

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