Sunday, January 29, 2023

Actress Maria Wasti Drunk Viral Video On Reddit, Twitter | SatikNews

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A television actress named Maria Wasti said it was strange to see how people reacted to her beach photo. She complained that it was both bothersome and disconcerting to read the subtitles and discussion on those images. In a current interview with a reputable English-language daily in Pakistan, Maria made this claim.

Reading the discussion about the pictures was horrible. How do people behave at the beach? What attire do they wear? Maria stated, “It saddens me to watch how people alter reality to suit their limited vision in those photographs. That become viral on social networking sites.

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Maria went on to say that our society has a double standard because. Even though extramarital affairs and domestic abuse are depicted in Hollywood and Bollywood movies and television shows. When any Pakistani production company tackled these subjects, there were protests.

Actress Maria Wasti Drunk Viral Video

When the video of the Pakistani actress Maria Wasti was shared on a Facebook page. Other users started making amusing comments.

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