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A video of Nuno Tavares with dogs becomes viral online

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The internet is ablaze with talk about Nuno Tavares, the centre defender for Nottingham Forest, after an old video surfaced that showed him spending some quality time with his dogs. The video, which has gained fresh traction on social media, shows Tavares making loving gestures with his animals. Online activity has surged in response to this footage, with many people keen to learn more about the circumstances and the football player at the centre of it.

The aforementioned video appears to have been taken from Nuno Tavares personal Instagram, in which he is shown lounging on his bed while his dog licks his face and mouth. While being filmed by an off-screen friend, Tavares is seen to comply with the pet’s loving display rather than try to talk it down. Then the camera cuts to another scene in which Tavares is seen kissing two dogs at the same time, with the impression that this was a self-recorded clip.

A video of Nuno Tavares with dogs

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It’s important to remember that the footage is not new, even with the recent spike of interest; it was first taken in 2021. Internet sleuths have confirmed the identity of Tavares, the 23-year-old football player whose £8 million move from Benfica to Arsenal is the reason behind the video’s resurgence.

Nuno Tavares career has been characterised by ups and downs. He spent a loan period at Marseille after failing to establish a steady starting spot during his tenure at Arsenal. Tavares put up a strong show while playing for the French team, making 39 appearances and scoring six goals. For the 2023–24 season, he is now playing for Nottingham Forest. He has only made four Premier League appearances thus far, half of which have been as a substitute.

Since it was released again on September 1, the film has definitely elevated Tavares’ profile, highlighting both his relationships with his pets and his career as a football player navigating the cutthroat Premier League. Further updates are expected as the story develops and the public’s interest in the video grows.

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