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A leaked Samsung Galaxy S24 shows off AI technologies and a tool called “Generative Edit,” which looks familiar

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Juicy details regarding Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S24 launch event are beginning to surface as the day draws near. The most recent leak was sent on Twitter by user @MysteryLupin, who purportedly leaked promotional materials highlighting the Samsung Galaxy S24 series’ standout AI features.

Live Translate is one of the AI features that the Galaxy S24 series will get. According to its description, it can potentially eliminate language barriers during talks by translating phone calls in real-time.

“Generative Edit,” which sounds a lot like Google’s Magic Editor feature, is another intriguing detail. Similar to what Google does, you may use this function to crop out undesired things or fill in blank areas in your images.

But it needs a Samsung account and an online connection, exactly as Magic Editor. Samsung still uses the cloud for this feature even though it uses the potent Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 engine, which has on-device AI capabilities. Also Read: Prices for the Galaxy S24 Series are Known, and Samsung Lowers Prices to Take on the iPhone

Three other features pertaining to smartphones are also mentioned. One is the Nightography Zoom, which is supposed to improve close-ups of dimly lit images. With High Resolution, you can capture images at the maximum resolution that the phone’s primary camera can handle. The Samsung Galaxy S24 will have 50MP, while the S24 and S24 Ultra will have 200MP. Additionally, for improved viewing and engagement, there is the Screen Display function that showcases a “brighter, flatter screen.” There is, however, no indication that these features will make use of any kind of AI deceit to improve user experience.

Previous rumors and a newly discovered, momentarily accessible confirmation on Samsung’s website indicate that the Galaxy S24 series will ship on January 17.

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