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A full HD viral video of a bride performing a lap dance in front of guests was posted to Twitter.

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Everybody wants their wedding to be special and unforgettable. And so, many preparations and efforts are made by people to realize this ambition. However, sometimes such an attempt fails, turning all the joy and enjoyment of marriage into punishment. We’ll give an example of this when the bride performed an unexpected dance at her wedding that even the guests didn’t expect. A video showing the bride performing a lap dance at her wedding while wearing a backless dress in front of the groom and all of the guests has now gone popular on social media.

What Exactly Is The Issue?

The event reportedly took place in Florida, when a couple went to great lengths to make their wedding reception special, according to the New York Post. One of these arrangements was the event’s dancing schedule. But as the dancing party started, everyone was in awe. The bride onto the dance floor wearing a backless dress and performed a lap dance in front of everyone to surprise the groom in the middle of the program.

A full HD viral video of a bride performing a lap dance in front of guests was posted to Twitter.
A full HD viral video of a bride performing a lap dance in front of guests was posted to Twitter.

What’s The Groom Reaction To See This Lap Dance

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The groom was equally astounded by the bride’s dance; her name is Rochelle. The bride performed many routines in the busy reception hall and went above and above to surprise her future husband. At this point, one of the guests finished the bride’s entire dance. When a video was created and shared on social media, people started making fun of the bride. More than 3 million people have already viewed this video.

Is This The Bride?

Some people are making fun of the bride after she gained popularity on social media, while others are standing by her. A user by the name of Detective Drip questioned in a comment on the video, “Is this truly the bride?” During the same exchange, another user said, “Everything appears bizarre in this marriage backless dress, barefoot bride performing organ in front of her entire family where children, parents, and grandparents are all present.” Huh.’

Netzian Reaction After Seen The Viral Video
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Such a lap dance in front of your dear friends and family just to please and surprise your husband, is unexplainable, another person noted in a comment on the video. Although I am unable to put it into words, I must acknowledge that it is both strange and difficult to accomplish. In Rochelle’s defense, a Twitter user wrote, “If someone wants to dance like this in her wedding then what’s the problem, if you don’t like then don’t do it in your marriage.”

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